From the 1st of May 2019 to the 30th of April, 2020
With the Kunstmin Schouwburg & EnergieHuis, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

In 2019, The Vigil really takes an international turn : the project comes to life in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. The Dordrecht Vigil shelter, designed by Benjamin Tovo has been installed on the roof of the EnergieHuis, a former electricity factory, now a cultural venue partly occupied by the Kunstmin, alongside the conservatory and a concert hall.

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« Stop trying to chase time. The reassuring release of that moment of wonder, without conclusion. It was just for a moment. And then it's over. You appear and disappear. In between, there is probably some time... »
Eva van Pelt, Printemps 2020


Every 3 months over the year, a unique sound score is created by sound designer Peter Crosbie, featuring readings of the Vigil Texts and onsite sounds recorded especially for the occasion. Joanne Leighton invites her dancers to perform on these soundscapes as part of the quarterly Sharing Evenings.

WLDN/Joanne Leighton · WLDN The Vigil Soundscapes Dordrecht February 2020



Choreography and direction, Joanne Leighton | Scenography et adaptation, Benjamin Tovo & Nounja Jamil | Soundscapes, Peter Crosbie | Sharing Evenings with WLDN dancers Lauren Bolze, Marion Carriau, Alexandre Da Silva, Marie Fonte | Production WLDN | With Schouwburg Kunstmin |

© Photos : WLDN/Joanne Leighton