In September 2011, Joanne Leighton launched her large scale monumental work, The Vigil, a work for 730 inhabitants and performed over 365 consecutive days. The Vigil has been in performance over the past 10 years, different cities passing the relais from one to the other.

To be present in a specific site, to be an actor or observer, to participate in an action both collective and singular, and to question the notion of space and how we understand it through the interaction between one’s own body and its surroundings - these are the central ideas of this performance. Each participant will have their own unique experience of one of the fundamentals of the practice of choreography: the nature of presence. This hour away from daily life is an opportunity to stand back from the world for an instant. At the same time, the participants will experience being part of a vast, human adventure, and on a larger scale, that of a population, a region, or a town.

Joanne Leighton asks an open-ended question : is it the Vigil watching the performance of the city or is the person in the city watching the performance of the Vigil ?


Anne Massot, Administration

Choreography and direction, Joanne Leighton | Scenography, Tovo&Jamil; Shelter design & adaptation, Benjamin Tovo | Production, WLDN |

© Photo : Martin Hauer