From the 22nd of September 2017 to the 22nd of September 2018
With Le Tangram, Scène Nationale d'Évreux, France

In 2017, when several performance venues in Évreux merged to form Le Tangram, director Christian Mousseau-Fernandez thought of Joanne Leighton's Vigil to unite the teams and launched The Evreux Vigil. The Shelter, designed by Tovo&Jamil, was installed on Place Clémenceau, the market square in the heart of the city.

The Vigil solicits the inhabitants so that they become actors of the cultural projects of their city. Open to everyone, one participates through willingness and curiosity to experience one's city, both independently and through connected relationships. These are all objectives that are in line with those of The Tangram.

The artistic proposal of The Vigil, created and directed by the choreographer Joanne Leighton, reminds us that the simple presence of a body in space can be choreographed. The professional dancer interprets the artistic intention transmitted by the choreographer, with its share of technique and movement. Here the performer is the inhabitant, the artistic intention is long term and the technique consists in returning to this simple standing position as if to better observe and be observed. We wish to leave the walls of our codified, even sacred, cultural spaces to go and meet the inhabitants thanks to a unique and innovative project. We will ask them to take a new look at their city, to live it differently and to embody it for a year.

Les Veilleurs is a "state of the art" solidarity project, one in which everyone's commitment is required in the service of the same project, without any other aim. Everyone has a place and the entire Tangram team will be there for the inhabitants to try this extraordinary experience. Located on the roof of the Place du Marché car park, Place Clémenceau, the shelter is a unique observation post over the heart of the city. The Vigil will punctuate the Ebroïcian seasons for 365 days, and we can be sure that the exchanges and encounters that will arise from these events will create many opportunities to promote accessibility to artistic work from The Tangram.
(R)awakening, Christian Mousseau-Fernandez,
director of The Tangram - Scène Nationale at the time of the Veilleurs

More information on The Evreux Vigil here


Over the course of the year, 730 Vigils tell you their impressions of their vigil at sunset or sunrise...

« I seemed to lose track of time. I seemed to feel wings growing on my back. This feeling of immensity was very impressive. Being protected by this shelter and at the same time exposed to the eyes and the wind.»
Angeline Alexis, Winter 2018

« Like a ballet, people march by, presumably late, sprinting or walking more slowly.
Men and women with umbrellas, coloured and striped, moving forward and intertwining. I laughed, I had a few tears, it's beautiful. I shared furtive and longer glances that said a lot. I found a child's soul whilst watching the cars, I wanted to take them and make VVVVVrooom! I took the time too, I was in the moment, it all felt so good.»

Marie Raimbault, Winter 2018

« I didn't know Evreux. Yet this morning I was there, standing for an hour.
I saw the city awaken to the rhythm of the comings and goings on this small square. I saw the shadows slip away and reveal the opal facades. Here and there the sun lit up with golden flashes on the chimneys and antennas. As soon as the first rays of the sun emerged from behind the hilltop, the swallows left. The hillside turned a bright green. I wished I didn't have to leave. Later, the children's games in the schoolyard, the passers-by, the chirping of the birds, showed me with what a vital impulse we remain here, on this earth. Grandmother, you who taught me to watch the sun set over the sea on summer evenings, I loved watching the sun reveal life on earth.»

Marie-Capucine Dufour, Summer 2018


Every 3 months over the year, a unique and evocative sound score is created by sound designer Peter Crosbie, featuring readings of the Vigil Texts and onsite sounds recorded especially for the occasion. Joanne Leighton invites her dancers to perform on these soundscapes as part of the quarterly Sharing Evenings.

WLDN/Joanne Leighton · WLDN The Vigil Soundscapes Evreux


At the end of the project, a large closing event brings together all of the vigils and people who have accompanied them. A book of this unique event is edited.


The Evreux Vigil, a participative, poetic and citizen project, France 3

Choreography and direction, Joanne Leighton | Scenography et adaptation, Tovo&Jamil | Soundscapes, Peter Crosbie | WLDN dancers at the Events & Sharing Evenings, Lauren Bolze, Marie Fonte, Alexandre Da Silva, Sabine Rivière | Production WLDN | Le Tangram, Scène Nationale d'Evreux, 22/09/2017 - 22/09/2018

© Photos : WLDN/Joanne Leighton